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Crucial values

Determination in aspiring at the target

  • I am performing my tasks conscientiously
  • I am pursuing the aim doggedly
  • I am totally absorbed in my work
  • I am asking, when I have doubts


  • I am cooperating with the others for the good and in the interest of the company
  • In the bright way I am communicating with the others
  • Cooperating with the others I am building up mutual trust
  • The success of the team is most important


  • I am acting honestly towards myself and the others
  • I am expressing my opinion openly
  • I am acting according to the principles of the Ethical Code
  • I respect the possession of the company


  • I want to be an expert in my field
  • I am aspiring to the best quality
  • I refer with the respect to customers and employees, regardless of their posts
  • I am developing my competence


  • I am fulfilling the given word
  • I am taking the responsibility for my own action and the team which I am managing
  • I am not giving empty promises
  • I always finish commenced actions


  • I am identifying myself with my work and the company
  • I undertake new tasks willingly
  • I am taking the risk consciously
  • I am caring about the costs
  • I am approaching the change flexibly and creatively
Crucial values constitute the signpost of acting for all employees. It is also a kind of voluntary obligation which the employees accept when they carry out the tasks that were entrusted to them. 

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