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About the Company
Our mission is getting the image of the reliable partner performing services in the professional way and in the best quality.
We are the Company from the capital group of PKN ORLEN S.A.
Budonaft ORLEN is a company of the construction industry in Poland operating from 1973 in the fuel sector, designing and carrying out constructions of petrol stations "up to the key" as the general contractor.

We are carrying out all technical solutions based on the steel construction, starting from ordinary roofs for modern roofs with complicated shapes equipped with sky-lights and floodlit friezes, as well as closed halls for various purposes.

40 years of activity guarantee the best quality of the offered works, and the experience that we have is supported additionally by the integrated system of the management which we have implemented, confirmed with a certificate and including the following norms:

  • EN-ISO 9001:2008,
  • EN-ISO 14001:2004,
  • PN-N 18001:2004.

In November 2008 our Company received The Certificates of Classification, granted by The Ministry of the Infrastructure for repairs and assemblies of steel bridge structures (31 / M/ 08) and making steel bridge  structures (31 / 08).

We always want the environment-friendly new solutions to be used in the building-assembly operations of our company. We are not only providing our services for PKN ORLEN S.A., but also for other domestic investors.
Our ambition is also entering foreign markets because the stations we built do not diverge from European standards and can effectively compete with the stations of various world concerns. The evidence of such a situation is rewarding our company with The European Medal in 2002, as well as admitting in 2009 the titles "EUROLIDER of THE MARKET 2009 - Best Service - Constructing petrol stations" and "MARKET LEADER 2009 - Best Service in Poland - Constructing petrol stations".

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We have been cooperating with the number of companies of Western Europe and the United States, both in making fuel installations, as well as applying materials and devices that can be used on petrol stations. The basic aim of Budonaft ORLEN  is carrying out the tasks put by our customers. We are trying to respond flexibly to the requirements of every contracting party. We usually build a petrol station in a very short time of 12-16 weeks, according to guidelines presented by the customer. Our pricing policy allows us to make steel constructions and paint them according to the most advantageous options for the principal.


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