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Comprehensive execution of the petrol stations
  • the comprehensive accomplishment of new petrol stations and the modernization of the already existing ones,
  • installations of the fuel technology along with burying containers, arranging the flexible tubular system made by Enviroflex (certificate of the Total Containment company), Brugg, KPS, UPP,
  • execution of sewer systems and waterworks as well as central heating,
  • installations of the electric lighting,
  • assembly of industrial devices, installations and apparatus,
  • arranging paving blocks and surfaces of tight concrete,
  • bases of drive - ways, earthwork - embankments,
  • all works associated with the recycling of contaminated lands,
  • demolition works with the blast-hole method and with hydraulic hammer.

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At the same time Budonaft ORLEN was entered on the list of qualified suppliers of the petrol stations of the following companies:

  • AS24 Poland (TOTAL)

Supplementing elements of our offer we must add that we are producing and we are also installing a full range of devices being used during car services, both on petrol stations as well as in car depots. These devices are produced in the Production Plant being our organizational unit, which lets us carry them on in a fast and professional way.


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