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Offer of the Structural Plant

biuro_small.jpgThe range of activities of the Plant of Production of Steel Constructions

We specialize in execution, assembly and repairs of steel constructions of the class: 1,2,3 made mainly of the low-alloy steel. Manufacturing products we use processes mainly from the scope of plastic and thermal processing e.g. bending, precise thermal cutting etc. Acting as the part of the Capital Group PKN ORLEN we do not only carry out projects for PKN ORLEN S.A., but also for companies cooperating with us in entire Poland.

We provide the full service in the scope:

  • welding and the assembling steel and aluminum constructions;
  • fuel containers;
  • welding services, processing of metals;
  • shot-blasting, spray painting;
  • rolling of aluminum ceilings;
  • spray galvanizing;
  • cutting, rolling, burning the metal sheet.

Our potential:

  • The trained staff of the supervision and qualified welders, fitters, technologists, having specialist entitlements and great experience;
  • Professional technical and production stores which enable to identify and to meet the needs of customers;
  • Professional devices - guaranteeing services of the best quality;
  • The best quality and the safety of manufactured products.

The quality and the safety of the products and services that we offer have a primary importance for us in building the relation with our trade customers and ultimate users. Therefore carrying out the works, with the highest solemnity we are keeping to the requirements of technical standards, corporate standards of the Group PKN ORLEN S.A. and internal procedures of the Integrated System of Management including the Norms:
System Zarządzania Jakością PN-EN ISO 3834-2
Wykonawstwo konstrukcji zgodnie z Normą PN-EN 1090-1+A1
Wykonawstwo konstrukcji zgodnie z Normą PN-EN 1090-2+A1
Świadectwo Kwalifikacyjne do I Grupy Zakładów Małych zgodnie z Normą N-M-69009.


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