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Other specialist services


Company Budonaft ORLEN beside the principal areas of activity in the industry of steel constructions as well as building and modernizing Petrol Stations also offers the services associated with constructing water–sewer installations. As of today the Company is carrying out the construction of a sanitary sewage system and water supply system to the total amount of 22 million Polish zlotys.
In the near future the Company will be making a start in new tenders in order to enlarge orders on hand. In the nearest years the projects associated with constructing water - sewer systems should complete orders on hand in the significant way. As the contractor for a sanitary sewage system and water supply system we want to get the position on the market amongst large market leaders in this industry.


  • The renown and the prestige of the company which is a big and recognized company,
  • Vocational education of the staffs having suitable specialist entitlements in the technical and engineering field,
  • Professionalism of performed services.


Company Budonaft ORLEN as the contractor of Mop, OUA, SPO offers very much wide diameter of industries - arranging paving blocks, water sewer installations, illumination, cubic buildings with arranging tiles and petrol stations. Our offer includes carrying out the above mentioned objects "up to the key". As of today the Company is running building a few MOPs. The company is also on the stage of negotiations of next contracts.
We are an expert and an authority on the market of the builders of MOPs, OUAs and SPOs to which companies of the road constructions are turning at the stage of preparing the offer for GDDKiA.


  • The professional know-how and the comprehensive execution of objects,
  • Management skills with many industries simultaneously,
  • Having at our disposal the experienced staff having specialist entitlements.

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